Website SEO: Marketing for Musicians in 2020

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Website SEO: Getting Started
Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as Website SEO, is an important SoundCloud strategy for any brand. Furthermore, musicians should be taking advantage of this during their website design process. Optimizing their web presence and content to be searchable within search engines will drive more interest and traffic. Especially relevant, this is great for building a solid foundation for any brand. Musicians shouldn’t have to rely only on touring and playing live shows as a way to generate income. With a fully optimized website, selling music and merchandise may generate that extra money you are hoping for. Let’s dive into the basics of Website SEO.

Website SEO: The Basics
As you develop your website that are a few key essentials for musicians that should be considered as “must haves”. A music player, video player, web store, email list, and links to Soundcloud and Spotify. Using those features as the core of your website and building around them will guarantee a quality site. Ultimately, you want Soundcloud promotion real your website to be a central hub for the maximum user experience. Additionally, your website should match your brand’s aesthetic. Furthermore, be sure that your website is up to current standards which include responsive and mobile friendly website design.
After you have established all of your design elements and website features – develop your content. This is where the importance of website SEO comes into play. Include keyword reach paragraphs that a search engine will be able to read clearly. Be genre specific in your writing and ensure all of your links are titled and working properly. This is absolutely imperative to get search engines to feed back to your site and drive traffic.
While website SEO might seem like something small, it is a major part of being successful online. Be sure to include it in any music SoundCloud strategy you roll out in the future.
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