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I am an established artist out of Northern California.(Unknown/Platinum Dope Entertainment/Darkroom Familia) I have been signed with nationwide hard copy distribution since 2002 (A.D.I. and City Hall). I have hit the City Hall top 25 list several times. I have worked with many big artists such as Snoop Dogg, E-40, Spice-1, Jack, J-Diggs, Too Short, Brotha Lynch Hung Young Droop, Gucci Mayne etc…I own all rights to music and production. I came across your playlist and have a couple tracks that are a good fit.

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Unknown/Platinum Dope Entertainment. From Modesto, CA. Signed with Darkroom Familia in 2001 have been dropping albums since. Started my own label Platinum Dope Entertainment and produce/record most of my music.

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Song Title: Blow

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Contact Artist: platinumdope209@gmail.com

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