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I feel that my style is strange, different, I compose my songs myself, I interpret them myself, I like to structure the lyrics well, that the music flows well with the theme of the song, I also like to collaborate with artists and create new ideas , the music is infinite

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Hello friends, I am a Venezuelan traveler and artist, I have lived traveling through Latin America for 8 years (as a hippie), making music, learning about cultures while I get to know each country, I do what I am passionate about, and I hope in the future I can meet the rest of the world. world, and make music

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Right now I'm starting my career, so I don't have social networks like most of the great artists, but you can find my music in my Spotify profile, I have 5 very different songs that I cordially invite you to listen to, I appreciate your support and good vibes my Instagram: @ traveler_rafasanti24

https://open.spotify.com/artist/3d2xG3JCdC50shdkoPdWNV?si=iQhSfeQ1Tc6XoZrDOMPOxw&utm_source=copy-link my Spotify

Song Title: Tú y yo

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Contact Artist: travelerrafasanti@gmail.com

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