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The Virgin was born in 2016.The band is trying to carry out this project in a rather atypical way; in fact,they are independently responsible for the entire process of writing, arranging,recording,mixing and mastering the songs,filming,editing and animating the video clips, as well as promoting the upcoming songs.The first single The Bitch is released in June 2019 along with an articulate video clip: Francesca Nave plays a career woman none of us would ever want to deal with.In August of the same year, it was time for You Made My Day,a musical celebration of the friendship that is gradually developing between the musicians,their families and friends. April 2020 saw the release of Phone Call, a heart-wrenching ballad inspired by a phone message left for a band member.The harsh 2020 lockdown failed to stop the writing of the fourth single, although it forced the band to continue production remotely, and provided new insights into the completion of the single. Running from Myself will be released in September 2020 with a new video clip, and is about the difficult period of quarantine at home.At the end of 2020, at a time when any social gathering and therefore any live performance is forbidden, The Virgin are one of the first bands to perform in a streaming concert.They set up an audio-visual control room in their rehearsal room to broadcast a live show, gluing hundreds of people to the screen with their Christmas Concert.The album is released at the end of 2021: Sick and Tired

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Hi I'm massimo zorer, lead guitaris of the band. Our sound is innovative, the songs are full of energy and tell the story of our lives.

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Song Title: Champagne

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