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Artist Name: The View From Here

Artist Bio

TVFH started in 2016 and since then we've had the opportunity to work along side producers like Ace Enders (The Early November), Nik Brusseze (Man Overboard), Mike Lisa (Hidden in Plain View) and Matthew Rifino (5 Time Emmy Winning Mix Engineer). As we grow our music continues to reach people in parts of the world we never dreamed of. We're just five dudes in New Jersey writing music that we love and that has opened up doors for us that didn't seem possible.

Tell us who you are:

The View From Here is a group fo five individuals with vastly different musical influences. We pull from all of these different sounds to create heavy hitting "rock" songs that we enjoy playing. Nothing more nothing less.

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@theviewfromherenj on social medias!


Song Title: disconnects in dialects

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Contact Artist: theviewfromherenj@gmail.com

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