The SoundCloud producer starter kit – the 5 ultimate tools

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Are you an artist or songwriter, and you’re thinking about recording your own vocals and/or instruments? Whether it’s just for a demo to get the idea across or if it’s the first step towards a production career, the beginning is pretty daunting at first.

Let me help you find the right tools to get started!!

1.Pick Your Interface

Your interface is the device you use to plug your microphone and speakers into.

Don’t overthink this one, you probably won’t start recording 8 tracks all at once if you just get started, so lets look at 3 simple, high quality interfaces with a good pricetag!!

Mackie Audio Interface.

Focusrite Scarlet Solo


2. Pick you DAW

Your Digital Audio Workstation is where all the magic starts. This is where you record, edit, play your synth, add reverb etc. Most of these SoundCloud reposts Mac and PC, but sadly Garageband and Logic Pro X only SoundCloud reposts for Mac. *sorry PC people*

There are tons of options, but just to narrow down I picked what is most east to use to get started with.


Ableton Live Lite

FL Studio

3. Pick your samples

Find the drumsounds you love, start collecting a database of samples you love! Of course it’s great if you can make your own samples but here are some website that you can use to scroll through the right sounds.

4. Pick you midi-keyboard

Are you looking for weighted keys or regular synth keys? Tons of options, but these are my faves!

Akai Mini MKII

Alesis V25


5. Pick your tutorials

Ok, so you have all the pieces, now what?

There are a ton of great info website and videos out there, but we love these because they start simple!!

Collective Intelligence.

Andrew Huang

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