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Recording Artist: The Second I

“Hey there,
we are “The Second I” (Sarah 27 & Angelo 27) – a Dj-& Producer Duo from Cologne, Germany and we produce electronic Music with a loving attention to detail and our full passion. We have planned our first Tour through southamerica next year already and will resume all Gigs in Panama which had been cancelled because of Corona when everything will be back to normal life. We have so much fun while being creative together and everything we do is made with loving care to reach our biggest goal someday: To get heard by many, many people to make them happy and the world much more beautiful!

We would be more than happy and thankful to get your support by reposting our Remix!

We wish you much fun while listening to it and looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

All the best and stay healthy!

Sarah & Angelo”

Listen to The Second I on SoundCloud:

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