Supreme{PR} Artist Profile: Qua1k FrmLowend

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Recording Artist: Qua1k FrmLowend

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Im am a young man from Lorain Ohio ( 30 minutes west of Cleveland ) I’ve been making music since the 10th grade of high school. As a artist I’ve been pushed thru the rough, trying to get the best quality out of my music. From countless hours of writing over and over to getting my entire debut mixtape deleted from a “professional engineer” ( not to mention this life of poverty ) I still push for what everyone considers a dream too big. My music exposes my life, good and bad. My name is Qua1k FrmLowend and I am music.

I really want…
With my music I want to create my empire. I have a organization of 10+ young men and women from Lorain Ohio with a variety of skills revolved around their personal art form.
From videography and photography to clothing and fashion, even digital designers and freehand artist.
Giving them an actual opportunity to succeed means the world to me. As a group we care for our craft far more than the money it can bring, money is just the middle man.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
My inspirations are drawn from artist like Tupac, Jay-Z, Eminem, Mac Miller, Dave East and 2 Chainz. The list goes on and on.

Can you give us a sample of Qua1k FrmLowend music?

Supreme{PR} is excited to feature Qua1k FrmLowend on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.


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