Supreme Records Artist Profile: Simon Ogbeifun

by | Dec 12, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist:
Simon Ogbeifun

Tell us about your music:
I make a lot of my music alone in my living room on my laptop, I experiment with a lot and try heaps of new ideas weekly

What inspired you to write this release?:
was watching kung fu panda 2 and felt like making something light and funny

Describe the writing and recording process:
Didn't need to record just went on ableton and did my thing, its a really simple process of splicing the samples in the order I find the most entertaining.

Any plans to release a video? Can we get a peek?:
Yea I've a lot of videos for a lot of my songs, they're on my IG and YT, I plan to make better quality videos in the future

How do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?:
I don't fit into just one genre like other artists, i'm always switching genres and making unique tracks/melodies

Who have you been listening to lately?:
Raleigh Ritchie

Who are your biggest influences?:
NF, SABA, Raleigh Ritchie, DAX, J Cole, NUBREED

Tell us about your passions. Besides music, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
I like making videos and memes, I like to go riding through the city and reading, watching movies exercising etc

What is happening next in your world?:
More unique songs thinking of trying some R&B

How can fans get in touch with you? How about some socials?:
You can reach me via email, rhyme12357@outlook,com, checkout my new album on spotify
Follow me on soundcloud,


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