Supreme Records Artist Profile: Drew Vee

by | Dec 13, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist:
Drew Vee

Tell us about your music:
I am quite varied with my music and have a very eclectic range and library of music. I was brought up with, my parents music from a very young age, Gil scot heron, tavarres, bobby womack are just a few. My own taste is everything from sousie and the banshees, The the, early 80s electro. My sets comprise of deep, melodic house, indie dance, electronic, i don't have a rule book

What inspired you to write this release?:
I just heard a clip from a movie, so this is the creation. I never know whats going to come i just hear it as im going along

Describe the writing and recording process:
It can be a simple as i will hear one piece of music and i know instantly what i can do with it, so its jyst a matter of recording it

Any plans to release a video? Can we get a peek?:
Not as yet

How do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?:
I just have an ability to hear things instantly and remix as im going along, i never know whats coming but it seems to work,

Who have you been listening to lately?:
My music is very eclectic, i listen to all genres of music depending on my mood, recently, talking heads, rolling stones the stranglers.

Who are your biggest influences?:
I dont really have any if im honest, i just a massive connection with this music and do it for the love of it.

Tell us about your passions. Besides music, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Im sort of a creative person wether it comes to photography, making things from anything.

What is happening next in your world?:
To be honest, im not entirely sure, life can be a mystery, i have a podcast, talent, indepth show on the 15th December for melodic deep, and hopefully next year the world will return to some kind of normality, see what happens then

How can fans get in touch with you? How about some socials?: /drewvee1


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