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So, in terms of music and compositions, I was mainly active in my late teens and early twenties, where I used to compose and take part in local festivals. While I never actually stopped composing, most of my compositions were mainly kept in a personal repertoire which never saw the light as I did not follow up on these compositions to work on them and release these tracks to the public. Until last year, when I started to work on a collection of songs which eventually became my 50th birthday album, so creatively called '50' with its title track being '50' again. Jokes apart, it was a challenge which I took on myself, to produce this album, mix it and master it and release it all by myself. There was a learning curve and I am quite proud of the outcome.

Now, that '50' is out, the road ahead continues and the track 'Space Voices' is the latest track following the release of the album 50. While '50' was a mix of organic sounds, with lots of orchestral timbers mixed with electronic sounds, the latest track is more electronic, with a tinge of EDM mixed with some electro-funk.

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Music has been one of my passions for as long as I remember. I like to experiment with styles and hate to build restrictive boundaries. If it touches my inner self and can be translated to notes and sounds then I will let it out, for the rest to share. Been in music from an early age, mainly studying and playing the piano. However, following college and university, and then family life taking priority, music kind of remained more of a hobby. However, since last year, with more time at hand due to lockdowns, quarantines, curfews and whatsoever, I started to experiment more with new compositions becoming more of a reality.

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