S{PR} Artist Spotlight: Emil Holmsten™

by | Dec 31, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

Recording Artist: Emil Holmsten™

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Emil Holmsten. 29 years old living in Northern Sweden.

I have a big love for retro synthesisers and sampled based music. I love making all types of music!

My music is deeply conected to art. I have collected art for over 15 years and I consider my music to be an extention of all my paintings and sculptures I have gathered over the years.

I have a big studio in my 200 year old house deep in the woods if Northern Sweden.

I would love to reach more People with my art.

Collaborate and create.

Anyone is welcome to visit my place and create!

The surroundings are beautiful up here.

What I really want…
My goal is to live a good life and have music as my full time occupation.

The possibilities are endless.

Everything from beats to movie scores and videogame themes.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Kanye West, Ludwig Göransson, Carl Sagan, Nature, Art

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing the world on many travels.

Life is the most beautiful and unlikely thing in this romantic cosmos.

Nature has truly no equivalent

How can fans learn more about you?


Can you give us a sample of Emil Holmsten™ music?

Supreme{PR} is excited to feature Emil Holmsten™ on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at soundcloud.com/supremepr-records/ for updates.


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