Sharing the music you love just got easier

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Artists to Watch

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FEATURED POST FROM THE BEST BLOGGERS IN MUSIC: Sharing the music you love just got easier
SoundCloud is the premier audio streaming platform for new discoveries from major artists and independent creators you can’t find anywhere else. Now we’ve made it even easier for you to share all the music you love to your Snapchat and Facebook Stories — and it can be done in just three taps from your SoundCloud app.

If you’re a creator, sharing your tracks on Snapchat or Facebook Stories is an effortless way to expand your reach and build upon your existing brand. 

And if you love discovering new music, be the first in your crew to post about the songs you’re obsessed with — and get everyone else hooked too. You can also create unique playlists on SoundCloud and share your latest finds with your followers. 

Here’s how it works (grab your phone now):

In the latest version of the SoundCloud app, find the track, playlist, album or artist profile you want to share.Tap the share icon on your screen.Tap the Snapchat or Facebook icon, or select “Share to Snapchat” or “Share to Facebook” depending on your device.Include a personal touch by adding a caption or SoundCloud Giphy stickers.Share the post to your Snapchat or Facebook Stories to get your followers tuned in. 

And there you have it. You can share away on Snapchat via the SoundCloud mobile app now, and Facebook Stories will roll out to all users soon. Help your friends and fans discover what’s new, what’s next and what’s playing in your ears.

If you’re a creator, check out our best practices for using social media to share your music in our Creator Guide. Hear directly from SoundCloud artist 2KBABY on how to engage with your followers, get tips on how to grow your audience and more.

This feature is available via the latest versions of the SoundCloud mobile app on iOS and Android.
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