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Recording Artist: Rokin Eek & MR LOCO

“Several of our songs as RELIGIOUS MAN, MR. LOCO, PAPAS and BUBBLEGUM were used on the movie soundtrack to the film, “NACHO LIBRE”. In 2006, the band got a new revival, thanks to movie-director Jared Hess, who is a good friend of Beck. Beck helped out Jared with the soundtrack to his movie Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. And as he owned their album, (even knew the members of the band), he see it perfectly fit to use their music with the film. He used ‘RELIGIOUS MAN (I am I am)’ as the title song in it, and also ‘BUBBLE GUM’, ‘MR LOCO’ & ‘PAPAS’ to fit in the rest of the film. Mr Loco”

Listen to Rokin Eek & MR LOCO on SoundCloud:

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