Rod Wave is Generating Buzz with Rags2Riches

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Rod Wave is Gaining A lot of Popularity with Rags2Riches
St. Petersburg, Florida artist Rod Wave has been gaining music industry notoriety for a little bit now. However, his latest release ‘Rags2Riches’ is bringing some stardom his way. The track features ATR Son Son and is charting at the top of Billboard’s Top Triller U.S. songs nd Top Triller Global charts simultaneously. For those who are unaware, the Top Triller U.S. and Global charts feature the most popular songs on Triller. These chart placements are curated by blending video views, engagement, and the total amount of videos added for each specific song. As it stands for the past week, Rod Wave is reigning supreme.
The track “Rags2Riches” is showing out after it has debuted on both charts. Most noteworthy, this is the second song that has lead both charts in their four-week existence. Especially relevant, Armaan Malik’s “Next 2 Me” debuted on top of both charts simultaneously as well. Additionally, it helps to have co-signs from popular celebrities. Many of the views Rod Wave is earning is coming from the San Diego Chargers Triller account. Wide receiving Keenan Allen made a video dancing and lip-synching along to the track which generated a cool 2.2 million views.

In addition to success on Triller, Rod Wave is beginning to find success on more popular charts. Debuting at 96 on the Hot 100, Rags2Riches has found itself all the way up to number 41. While this would feel like a slow start for some artists, it is worth noting that Rod Wave is a relatively new name in the music industry. Keep an eye on this artist, with the ability to pull at a listeners heartstrings while still making a relevant sounding track – Rod is one to watch. His 2019 album Soundcloud promotion package “Ghetto Gospel” has proven there is an audience as it is now certified Gold with 500,000 units earned.
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