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Pick of the Day:

Recording Artist: Rico Green

“I am an aspiring rap artist emerging from the smoke to cement his legacy, ready to sweep into the heart of the music industry at full force. With not only a good beat and song concept, I am also extremely authentic to the music brand. I try to tell a full story in each project that you as the listener have the grand pleasure of enjoying.

Listen to my music to get exactly what I’m talking about!

Its honestly, exceptional music!

Careless has not only a distinct and awesome style to it, the project theme itself also adds a layer of depth.

Not to mention, I add the aspect of storytelling through the sounds, which helps each listener adapt to my mindset as Careless progresses.

You will get the chance to connect with me on a deeper level as a fan.

Support Rico Green

I highly recommend giving my music a listen.

The music takes you on a great trip and truly reminds you of what quality music is.

100% worth listening, and check out my socials’ while you’re at it!

Contact Socials:

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/ricogreen
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0P37P5Zyje6Nspe0QB9KA8?si=VAqMK2AwSGmgi8fCGpdsvQ

Listen to Rico Green on SoundCloud:

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