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Artist Name: Ree Chee

Artist Bio

Richard Chijioke Ibeawuchi Jr
Born August 2001 in Imo State Nigeria. He's a singer, rapper, songwriter with so much love and passion for music. Barely a year in the industry, he has a Debut single "Heartbeat" as his first release with an upcoming release "Alone" Slated for September 2021. He was influenced and inspired by the likes of Joyner Lucas, NF, Dax, Eminem, Hopsin, Polo G, Runtown and Dandizzy. He's currently in Owerri Imo State in Nigeria. His forthcoming release"Alone" is his second studio project. He sees music as a way of expression making him develop so much passion for it. He's striving to make something out of nothing in his career. He's looking forward to making more music and reaching out to more artists in the industry in due time

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Name's Ree Chee, I do rap, hip-hop, afro beat and T&B. I'm from Nigeria Africa, my music has always been an expression of my emotional status.

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Song Title: Heartbeat: Barking Remix

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