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Apart from creating music, Real Makana also enjoys outdoor activities like making money reading swimming, fishing, eating, watching Football, Movies , and
Video Games.

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Real Makana hard like steel Cappa,
Real Makana was born on 22/02/1990 in the Parish of St Ann Jamaica, he was raised in the town of Discovery Bay, he graduated from the Discovery Bay all Age school moved on to York Castle High school,
Where his career in music began when he started living with his aunt Joyce Clemetson who was a music teacher, Real Makana first began to play the piano with his aunt tutoring him, after which he began to right song and sing with his friends in his spaire time, real makana is a True Reggae/ Dancehall
With Lyric unherd of, Clair Voyancy, Authenticity the proof is in the music listen am sure it speaks for itself

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Song Title: Final Destination

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Contact Artist: Clemetson.arthur@gmail.com

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