Rap Beat Selection: Lil Wayne Style Beat

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Rap Beat Selection: Getting Started
What kind of track are you looking for during your rap beat selection process? Is it the percussion, feel, or perhaps the melody? Some rappers prefer instrumentals that are more laid back that they can kick a mellow flow to. Others sound best on 808 heavy, aggressive sounding tracks. However, a versatile MC can flow to any beat and find a way to sound good. Rap is a unique genre in this way. Furthermore, the array of sounds that come strictly from this genre is like no other. Most noteworthy, we can use New Orleans legend Lil Wayne as an example of versatility. Let’s dive into what makes a Lil Wayne Type Beat.

Rap Beat Selection: The Basics
For any musician going through the rap beat selection – their thought process should be concise. Know exactly the sound that you are going for and create the track accordingly. In this instance, we will be looking at a Lil Wayne Type Beat 2020. Typically speaking, when thinking of a track that would suit Lil Tunechi – it could go a few ways. A trap style instrumental most common with the likes of the Atlanta rap scene, a more pop leaning track perhaps something like how to love. Or a harder and heavier beat that Weezy would deliver punchline after punchline. The latter is what we are going to showcase today.
With our focus now shifted to “The Purge”, a Lil Wayne Type Instrumental – we can see early why a rapper would want Soundcloud promotion real to spit bars on this track. An eerie piano melody sets the tone as heavy 808 drums create energy. As soon as the drums kick in, a siren plays along with the track. The vibe is set and the listeners are expecting a certain sound. This is the kind of track Lil Wayne or any lyricist would manhandle.
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