Producer, Artist & Customer Service Checklists

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Check out the Producers Checklist courtesy of BeatStars and Twist Royal!
This checklist will get you headed in the right direction, and for even more tips, check out our Ultimate Guide To Selling Beats On BeatStars.

Not only is BeatStars amazing for Producers, But Artists can also utilize the platform as well, and not just to buy beats.
What else can an artist do on BeatStars?
Check the list below, courtesy of BeatStars and Breana Marin.

Customer Service can make or break your business. Think about a time you received great customer service and time you received bad customer service.
How did it make you feel?
The moral to the story, take care of your customers and it will positively affect your business

Having trouble staying consistent?
We wanted to inspire you to stay consistent with our checklist that we collaborated on with BeatStars member, Legendarykeyzz.

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