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#Pluto Kartel
Artist Name: Pluto Kartel

Artist Bio

This Artist’ is all about the Savage power of rising from the bottom with a melodic voice and savage hustler lyrics and crazy energetic beats
You’ll feel like you were in the trap with him

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From his first two releases Hunger , Hunger 2 More Please in 2020, On to his latest release Pressure within his discography of three albums.Pluto Kartel has shown his versatility being a self produced artist

While he consistently includes a Urban feel in his music, Pluto’s sound coasts through pop , Trap , Reggaeton , and recently more ambient and melodic backdrops.

He additionally keeps a strong Street presence at his core, most notably influenced by Artist Future , Speaker Knockerz, Lil Uzi Vert extensive work for artrst like Smook La foo , Mexxa Ali ,

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Song Title: Dead Presidents

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Contact Artist: Plutosky25@gmail.con



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