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I am an amateur. A beginner within music production. But did you know that the word amateur comes from the Latin amator, meaning to love. I tried it out and found out that I love to produce music.

Since I didn't know anything and had never produced music before I did what most people do. I Googled and checked out what there was to learn on YouTube. It was a lot! To be able to make any sense and get going I then got in contact with a good friend, Joakim Sandström, who work as a music producer…wow, he helped me so much and I got to be his disciple. We got together for a weekend and the song "Living in the light" was made. My first single…and yes. I got a lot of help!

Learning from that experience I put my heart and mind into this and started to use my new knowledge and the result was my second and third single out: “What are you waiting for” and “Why”.

Why then do I do this? Well these are the main reasons:

I tried it out and found out that I loved it.
I want to inspire others to try out new things and help them getting started doing what they love and maybe make a dream come true.
I love dance and house music and I want to add some music in those categories with hopeful lyrics inspired by my belief in a good God.

So what’s next? My dream is to produce my first album. The working title is Let them come and my goal is to keep on creating great music to inspire people to find out more about who God is and to search for answers to the meaning of life.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Per Karlsson and a produce music to give hope to people. I love house and dance music and believe there is a great way to encourage people with a great sound with inspiring and honest lyrics. Make people smile and a reason to believe in a good God who cares about people.

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Song Title: The New Beginning

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Contact Artist: persipod@gmail.com

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