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Paid Vacation is influenced by many new and old artists ranging from the style of Beach house and MGMT to U2 to The Beatles. Members Ian Waldman and James Mikula pride themselves on taking a Lennon/McCartney style approach to their music and help each other develop extremely catchy musical ideas. In a matter of months their first E.P, the self-titled Paid Vacation, has had over 25,000 listeners, and they have already established a solid fan base. Their second E.P. "Memories" is anticipated for release in February of 2022, much to the anticipation of their fans.

Tell us who you are:

Hello! We are Paid Vacation. We are an up and coming band comprised of Vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Ian Waldman and Lead guitarist/bassist/keyboardist James Mikula. We are a indie/pop/alternative rock band from New Jersey. Our music is a blend of catchy pop/indie influences and old school rock, culminating in a listening experience that is enjoyable to matter what genre is your favorite.

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You can learn more about us on our Instagram page and be the first to know about our upcoming releases and updates: https://www.instagram.com/paid_vacation1/
You can listen to all of our music on our Spotify Page here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/62VrYnKFFZrHR1e89wQWiI?si=fuRvaZUvTB-TvF_NuSqJ5Q

Song Title: World Stops Spinning Round

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Contact Artist: jamescmikula@gmail.com

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