For Release by The Supreme Team:
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Artist Name: OUTLAW

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

I'm a 17 year old alternative artist, I'm a blend somewhere between, emo trap, alt rock, punk, emo, goth, and all sorts of alt stuff. Just writing about how I feel about everything from heartbreak, suicide, depression, emotions, thoughts, anxiety, etc. really I just wanna make music for people who feel the way I feel you know?

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

Jonesborough, Tennessee. There's a small music scene that got started and I really just kinda hopped in blending genres that influenced me the most. Shoutout my best friend MLO DiLLY he got me through some rough and dark times and helped me better myself.

You can follow me and check out my stuff here:

Find me on YouTube @
And on soundcloud @
My instagram is

Song Title: Dead Inside (ft. LiL VEX)

Let’s have a listen to the new OUTLAW track:



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