Music Newsletter: Effective Tips for Contacting Fans

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Music Newsletter: Getting Started
Musicians with careers ranging from small to worldwide all benefit from a music newsletter. This is typically done via e-mail which fans can opt in at on your website. The benefits of having a mailing list should be considered on par with social media. Perhaps even more valuable. This is a direct lifeline between you and your fanbase. With the ability to send them a direct email at any given moment allows you to deliver exclusive content. Chances are, fans may prefer this method rather than finding out on social media with the masses. Furthermore, especially now how social platforms prioritize timelines based on engagement versus paid advertisements – an email campaign could return better results. Let’s dive into the basics to get you started today.

Music Newsletter: The Basics
In many cases, a fan might join your music newsletter through your website. This should be included in any website design for musicians that you may get. The most popular mailing platform is mailchimp. With many plugins and add-ons, it is extremely accessible and easy to get started with an email campaign. Especially relevant, the data that your fans submit to you is incredibly valuable. They are giving you permission to contact them whenever you feel like sharing news or selling merchandise.
The objective of your music newsletter should primarily be about one main point. Each time you email your list you can choose a different topic; however, each individual email should be to the point. Perhaps you are releasing new music, a music video, or performing in specific areas – this is the perfect way to let them know. The same goes for merchandise.
A well-produced newsletter featured a design in a HTML format. It should look clean and professional. However, don’t be afraid to give it a personal touch or include your artwork. This should be an extension of your personal branding. Lastly, be sure to include a call to action. You want your email to have a purpose with an endpoint.
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