Artist Name: MOEY

Artist Bio

M.O.E.Y is known for his quick
changing flows and his versatile
M.O.E.Y boasts a rhythmically dense and
ever changing flow combined with melodic
understanding without the sacrifice of
musical integrity.
Clubs from Melbourne to
London have had the
experience of previewing some
of the upcoming hits from his
debut mixtape.

Tell us who you are:

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan,
M.O.E.Y developed his unique style in the
streets of London, UK after moving there in
his teens adding an array of influence from
across the pond.
M.O.E.Y is yet to release his first official
song, however he has accumulated quite the
reputation through several Instagram
freestyles. Amassing over 10,000 views.

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Song Title: M.O.E.Y – Sum 2 Prove (Lil Baby Remix)

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Contact Artist: coalitionsmusic@gmail.com

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