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This year i was on 25 +/- spotify user playlists, since I started releasing…I'm a Dala Kreative Brand Ambassador (by Cape Town Thing). My songs where saved 90 +/- people on spotify. My music is a blend for jiggy but inspirational at the same time . Got played on 4 local radio stations for the year .

Tell us who you are:

I'm Lunga iBudha a hip hop artist from South Africa that's new in the scene age 26 yrs from the city of East London, EC . I'm a final year university student in the field of marketing. isiXhosa is my mother tongue.Highly value family and heritage . I'm a hard working individual looking to get it by any means be it music or Academics one had to work. Currently residing in Bloemfontein trying to find my feet in this life. I'm a very ambitious individual but know ambition doesn't pay bills so I do the most to get my music out there in order to eventually make a living though it was never really the plan because it's was all for the love of music I started recording but due to the lack of employment opportunities in my country. I had to fully focus on the music because sleeping on the floor and not knowing how you gonna make your next rent payment is really depressing as I have been doing such all year but still full of faith.

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Lunga_iBudha https://open.spotify.com/artist/4EYG61lkg4onwF9wHdMaOW

@Lunga_ibudha (Instagram)

Song Title: A.D.E(All Day Everyday)

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Contact Artist: Lclassicdync@gmail.com

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