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Recording Artist: Lil Raffe

“I started rapping when I was in school and rap battled against the other kids, then I was approached and someone said “you should become a rapper” and I said rapping? I don’t know. Then I was playing Xbox with some friends one day and one of my friends said to freestyle so I did and it felt good to me to do it. Then I made a song and the song wasn’t the best but word got around school then I was being made fun of because I didn’t have the right mic or plugins on the track. Then someone came up to me and said your rap name should be Lil Raffe so I took that name because no one else had it. I also wanted to show people that the song was just a song and that you have to start somewhere so then I put a better track out and people bumped to it and spread the song around the county so then it blew up but I took it down for reasons and remade it. But my real name is Chris I’m 17 and I’m from Asheboro, Nc and go by the name Lil Raffe”

Listen to Lil Raffe on SoundCloud:

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