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Artist Name: lay lay

Artist Bio

I'm an up-and-coming artist from Boston MA from the town of Randolph I really like to switch up my music style a lot so a lot of people will hear something different from me.
Not like these other rappers that stick to one style but if it's working for them then shoot they can stick to it but like I said I like many different styles.

I just started trying an aesthetic style of rap and I love the lyrical style of rap but I'm also trying a style of rap like yvngxchris

Tell us who you are:

my name is laylay but my real name is levaughn laylay is just a family nickname.
I like to switch up my style from time to time so you will expect something different from me almost everytime i upload a song

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Song Title: reflections

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Contact Artist: levaughndamas1@gmail.com

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