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Recording Artist: KingDarius TheGreat

“KingDarius TheGreat drops off his debut single “Pandemic Plays”.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, KingDarius TheGreat is no rookie to the rap game as he’s worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to Keyshia Cole to Mike Jones. Now he’s stepping it up even more with his debut solo release, “Pandemic Plays”. The well produced track is led by deep, haunting strings and backed by a beautiful sliding 808 that would make any UK Drill producer jealous. KingDarius flex’s on the beat as he rhymes on the chorus, “I pop me a nigga she pop pill, yeah we some drop top pop stars / I got the soda mixed with yola, give ’em that lock, lock, lock, jaw”. KingDarius TheGreat brings so much heat on Pandemic Plays, it’s bound to set every club on fire. Pandemic Plays is now streaming on all major outlets.”

Listen to KingDarius TheGreat on SoundCloud:

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