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Artist Name: King Mozie

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Shangheta Moses Shihafeleni Tilenyomwene (born 06 December 1997), professionally known as King Mozie, is a Namibian rapper, songwriter, law student, teacher, entrepreneur and record producer.[2] Born and raised in Okamukwa, Ohangwena Region he is regarded as one of the most successful artist in Namibia.[3] In 2017, he established his own record label, Kings Records.[4] Mozie got the attention with the release of his single Jive feat Dj Lazza (2019) which got love across the country and across Africa. His new release Kalvary which features South African Music Stars Hume Da Muzika, Mr Style & Master Kg released Feb 19 is currently getting love across the world and peaked at #51 on ITunes and has 29 000 and counting streams on Spotify. He currently released a song Kaxumba Kandola dedicated to his name sake Eliaser Tuhadeleni.

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My name is Moses well known as King Mozie well my music is unique because I make music to uplift people and make people have fun while their still going through their own personal struggles to achieve success. People listen to my music because it motivates them and it gets them into a great vibe.

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Song Title: Kaxumba Kandola

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