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Artist Name: K.UTIE

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I go with whatever I am feeling in the moment. My music is based off of emotions and experience. And sometimes I just like to have fun with it and try new things outside of my box. Most of my songs are about love, sexual experiences overcoming depression. But I also have poppy songs with choreography to it. My music has been recognized by Trina Rockstarr and IAmDoechii. I’ve also been in several local and statewide magazines and blogs such as Voyage Miami and JME (Jacksonville Music Experience). I’ve had people recognize my music worldwide (from California to South Korea). My goal is showcase more of my versatility in my future releases to the world.

Tell us who you are:

My name is K.UTIE and I am an independent artist rising from Jacksonville, Florida. I am 24 years old and I’ve been performing since the age of 5. I sing, wrote songs, rap, dance, model, play violin, and have a host of other talents. I released my first song called, Be Mine, in 2018 and have released many projects and collaborations since then. The most recent one being my album, Sweetheart, that showcases my voice across the genres of r&b, pop, and ballad. I also feature my violin playing in the title track, Sweetheart. My goal is to show more of my diversity as an artist and create a memorable experience for the listeners. My music is timeless, and I have a lot to bring to the industry.

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Song Title: Gucci Me Down

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