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Artist Name: Justice Rhymes X.

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I have been rapping for about 16 Years, and loved Writing My Own lyrics and poems and producing Music, I would love to make my music Side Projects a full stable career but I have budgetary Issues still As I am not Rich or Poor in between more like -I have worked for more then 20 years and have been off and on welfare, and currently stable," I am a Father & have 2 kids And a Partner of 11 years, and Live In QLD Australia, Since My Father Dying In Iraq during 1980's KIA, My Mother Relocated and Now I'm a Australian Citizen , Living a Moderate Life of up's and down's But I never take to seriously problems unless I need to," None of us are making it Off the planet Alive, 🙂 So I take some things Onboard but never to much especially when it comes to Problems That I don't need.

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My Name is Mark Anthony Pepito, Aka JRX from My nick name JR, and also meaning Justice Rhymes With a X, I'm 33 born in 87, I have 15 albums Including Singles, My Mother Is from Philippines & Father USA DC, I Love Rap and My Writing Influences and Inspirations are Tupac A Shakur, Earl Simmons & Curtis Jackson My First CD as a kid was a Tupac Album, in 1996 Greatest Hits by 2pac, I like to deliver a message about the world's issues like a musical Human Activist , sending powerful messages of humanity & hope for the less fortunate people of our nations of the world.

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https://open.spotify.com/artist/3SdNqr8UYbfLzasHIgMm6U?si=ohEVlsENSQW78XRB3Oz4aw –SPOTIFY
https://music.apple.com/au/artist/jr-x/355260070 — Apple music

Song Title: MY BLOOD 2

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Contact Artist: zer0_55@OUTLOOK.COM

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