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my names jesi, i’m a 21 year old rapper and song writer from north west london and i’ve really been doing this music shit since i was 12 but only starting putting stuff out at 18 cos i was shy. it was shit music i was putting out at 18 if i’m honest but i’m way better now. i’ve had songs played on bbc radio and had various meeting with labels from song writing as well as my own music but i really like the idea of the independent route. it’s just far harder to make a name for yourself as yourself with limited resources and funding. i know for a fact i could do incredible things when i put my mind to it.

Tell us who you are:

technically, i’m john. im a university student studying law but i really love making music. all my friends are ballers with clothing brands and in-depth understandings of crypto-currencies and NFTs. on a daily basis the thing that makes me most excited is when i go on my spotify for artists and see “** people listening right now” (number varies). the fact i could create something and put it out there and people want to hear it and can relate with it it enchanting to me. it made me fall in love with music. the idea that my thoughts and feelings can resonate with complete strangers make me feel good.

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my instagram is @jesidepressi and it has footage of live shows and just cool things reflecting my stuff.

Song Title: Rat Race

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Contact Artist: johnesin131200@gmail.com

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