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I am a perfectionist and I know exactly what I am looking for and what I want when I listen to a song that I intend to release. As an independent artist, I am very driven, determined and goal-oriented, which I basically have to learn to be because I am doing things on my own.
My first song entitled "Stop De Violence" was very personal and it was and is still very relevant because many people are dying, and this song was basically a plea for people to stop the killing, and everything violent. So, this is a personal accomplishment for me.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Jasmine "Jem" Miller and I am an upcoming Barbadian singer/songwriter. I have a passion for singing and writing songs and I put my all into both of these things. I studied music at college and from then on I have expanded my knowledge of both music and singing to what it is today. My latest single entitled "Fire", was a long time in the making but finally all of the work that was put in, paid off. It is definitely one of my personal favourites.

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Song Title: Fire

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