Interview: VINSTER

by | Mar 20, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New in Hip Hop

Artist Name: VINSTER

New Song/Release Title: WE ARE IN CONTROL

Tell us something about you:
I'm a hardworking artist. I like to infuse music productions with art illustrations and visual representation together to get a vibe or motif. Love to create break beats and dark and downtempo electronic dance music. Quality of the mix is what I'm about. Bringing you up.

I'm from BRISTOL, U.k.
The music scene is very underground. Close knit community of producers. Like Dj Apollo and my. Main man, Winston Panic , we love electro , tech house, dark trance and industrial.

It's a release. It's a way to work out my past pains. Lost love. On a sad note, I lost my parent at 8 years old and my Mom lost the plot a bit. Made life really hard for me growing up in Austin. ( btw , the live music and punk and hardcore scene there in the 2000's was a big influence on me growing up, I try to incorporate the punk feel to my music and art. To this day… )but anyways back to my family life..this sort of Led me to running away and living from house to house friends and relatives since 13 years old. I was in and out of juvenile correction facilities and trying not to become another crime statistic. Dead friends due to drugs and street violence. Had me needing to get out! to escape! To get away. I migrated to the U.k. from Austin Texas. alone when I was 18 and just old enough to get my passport I left……I don't know why really.. I was infatuated with post punk bands, sort of like joy division, new order, the cure and echo and the bunnymen, the Jesus and marychain to name a few.. it just vibes with me I wanted to go where that music came from escape and make a better life for myself find friends , real friends . At 36 now I've spent most my life here in the u k. It's my home and my heart is here. Ive been scared , all by myself in a new country not knowing where I would work or live… but always excited. Waiting for what life would throw at me and it's been good! Sometimes tragic sometimes painful but I'd never trade the experience for a trying. life for me has always been on the edge. Now I see it as exciting. INTERESTING. some dark periods in London and barely escaped with my life. I wanted to live somewhere where I can be safe and have positive influences and love to help me create music unhindered I found London to be difficult… I spent 17 years there and just surviving took up most of my time. And money for recording or instruments haha, forget it. I've always wanted to create music to produce and it's been a long journey for me to get where I am today as a producer …that's why I chose BRISTOL. The love and positivity of the people here have really had an influence on me as an artist. My friends are my family here and always have been. I migrated from Austin Texas alone when I was 18… at 36 now I've spent most my life here in the u k. It's my home. Its where my heart is. Life has been tough, its been INTERESTING but also fun and exciting. MY MUSIC reflects this. It is scary sometimes but it won't stop you it will drive you through it to be a somewhat uplifting experience. Least thats how i feel.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Massive attack, New Order, Chris and cosey, Thom York, portishead

Let’s have a listen to the new VINSTER track:



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