Interview: Twenty Seven

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Artist Name: Twenty Seven
Latest Release: I’ll Be Fine

“Just a pop punk kid at heart making beats and music that I enjoy.

I’m into pop punk/emo/easycore/emo trap. This influences all of the music I make.

I love songs that sample old pop punk/emo so expect to hear lots of samples as well as soaring melodies, melodic guitars, trap beats and brutally honest lyrics dealing with life, love, loss and mental health.”

The track?
“I’ll Be Fine” is my darkest and most honest yet. This is me laying everything bare for all to see. Haunting guitars set over soaring vocal melodies and an almost rap like flow.

It deals with me coming to terms with my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder a few years ago, my despair at the political/global landscape and my detachment from any kind of organised religion.

If this offends you then please understand these are simply my opinions and this is my art. I do not mean to offend anybody especially those close to me. I hope you can enjoy my work even though you don’t agree with my message.

The phrase “I’ll Be Fine” is one familiar to those dealing with or even hiding their mental health issues and familiar to those supporting them.

The beat/music is a beat by a great producer called Yago.


Dream collaboration?
Lil Lotus. He’s absolutely fire!

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Stoke on Trent. It was great on the mid 2000s when I was a teen but it’s dead now

How has living life influenced your music?
Music is my therapy and my escape!

Favorite movie?
Seth Rogers character in Pineapple Express especially when I was younger as I’d always get into stupid stuff

Let’s plug that Twenty Seven music!

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Interview: Seven/Twenty Seven

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