Interview: Richard Green

by | Mar 13, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New in Hip Hop

Artist Name: Richard Green

New Song/Release Title: Grey Sun

Tell us something about you:
In term of music scene, I have not many limits, my big passion is just create music, good music.
This is why I m working on two different music project, Tiger Lotus where I make all the EDM music and Hip hop beat and similar and Richard Green that is my guitarist/composer/songwriter project.

I m an Italian guitarist/composer based in London with more then 15 years of music studies where i got an higher diploma and a musician Degree.
The music scene in London is huge and offer a lot of opportunities for all the kind of music style, unfortunately this Covid emergency stop everything but London is one of the best city to live for.a Musician in term of music opportunities.

A lot, this is because I always wanted make music from when I was kid.
I remember that I just had a couple of years of guitar lesson and I wan able to play it well ,but I recorded my first piece of music at that time.
I can say that my dream has been always make music instead became a guitar hero, after my last two year I can say that I have a kind of talent in music composition cause I ve been able to create 130 music ideas in one year and half, this is why I m working on 3 different Ep on the same time, two project for Richard Green:music for piano and string(classical music) and soundtrack music with a lot of electronic sounds(inspired by Hanz Zimmer but much more in a Pop music style)
A last one for Tiger Lotus, that is Tech/House music…very commercial and mainly music to dance.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Emili Sandè- Dua Lipa

Let’s have a listen to the new Richard Green track:

#Richard Green


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