Interview: nnomni

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Artist Name: nnomni
Latest Release: Geferee the gibberish

“Experimental freestyle Rap with an emphasis on flow and melody over lyrical content”

The track?
Experimental freestyle Rap with an emphasis on flow and melody over lyrical content.

My delivery is unnerving or better said, unexpected.

Dream collaboration?
Obviously Kanye West

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Born in Nigeria, but grew up all over the US. I'm in socal currently, but am an outsider of the scene I guess. Ive only really just been rapping in my car. It started when I had to live in my car to pursue my acting career, etc. So yeah, not sure, but I'm sure I'd dig it.

How has living life influenced your music?
I guess I'd say that the content reflects the weird time I've had in my twenties and the flows are sort of based on 90s nostalgia mixed with dated tropes.

Favorite movie?
Avengers Infinity War — Thanos — If you replace the O with a K it's "Thanks".

Let’s plug that nnomni music!

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Don't have any social media outside of Soundcloud at the moment.


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