Interview: miss maxine

by | Mar 10, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New in Hip Hop

Artist Name: miss maxine

New Song/Release Title: toom'a are you need ?

Tell us something about you:
I really like to create for people of the trance which gives them pleasure to the ears I think a lot of them when I compose on cubase and I transcribe my personal experience in my musics.
I have an eclectic style even in minimalist but it is my style my experience my life, I owe nothing to anyone for the moment I work alone since the beginning.
I had to learn to use cubase 8.5 it was really not easy at the beginning to go from listening to personal creation but hey the work pays and I work hard the finish is complex but we manage 🙂

I am a woman born in 1976 and I live in France and Belgium
I was rocked by armin van buuren and laurent garnier 🙂
my influences are trance and minimalist techno

meeting my girlfriend and the birth of my daughter greatly influences my music, moreover my music “annabelle” is for my daughter and “angelique my love, music for my friend. (my friend is belgian (flemish ) living near the Netherlands so I am either in France or in Belgium).
I got into trance recently.
My girlfriend adoring trance, I wanted to make her hear “MY trance” and therefore compose “my trance” for her she loves, my daughter also dances on it 🙂 she is only 3 years old 🙂 my four trance tracks was for her and for lovers of good trance music hence my post on soundcloud to test the public, as I by unknown therefore zero, I really need to be listened to, therefore, to promote my music, to know where I am .

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
arminn van buuren

Let’s have a listen to the new miss maxine track:

miss maxine

#miss maxine


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