Interview: J Esqo ft OhWowMatt

by | Mar 11, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New in Hip Hop

Artist Name: J Esqo ft OhWowMatt

New Song/Release Title: 2020 Won

Tell us something about you:
As an artist I just want to spend three minutes to immerse my listeners into a piece of work they will gain something from experiencing. Whether it is an energetic song worth replaying for two weeks, telling my story in a way that allows someone to leave with a new perspective, hitting on a subject people connect with and go through, or being the change agent music enables us to be that allows for growth and inspiration. Every song I drop has a distinct meaning to me and paints a portion of who I am, think, and strive to be

I am from Troy, Alabama, a two hour drive from Atlanta. While our town is very small, most of the music scene is centered around music festivals that occur in many places all over the south east. Most places are a two hour drive. Anything from hangout fest, bay fest, and more are traveled to almost religiously. For that reason, the area is a mixing pot of many genres and most artists portray distinctive mixes of these genres in their own art.

I was raised somewhat happy. My parents were divorced but they hid the fact that way were broke. I grew to see this, but I watched as my dad climb ranks and became a huge success. I have gotten to see struggle, been homeless, fought for a degree, been sued, failed a business start up, tried again, kept pushing, had someone destroy my families spirits by violently violating my sister who suffers from phyllis mcdermid syndrome. I have seen illness that don't end well. Through all of that, I never lost faith that there is another way. That hardwork pays off and every set back I have received I learned and stepped back up to the plate. It is that message I share with the world. It does not influence my music, it is my music.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Cal Scruby

Let’s have a listen to the new J Esqo ft OhWowMatt track:

#J Esqo ft OhWowMatt


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