Interview: HBKib

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Artist Name: HBKib
Latest Release: Let Loose

“Very versatile and rhythmic artist with the ability to hear any beat and go crazy. Usually recites past memories as scenes in majority of song lyrics”

The track?
Gives a chill vibe while reminiscing before times became better

Dream collaboration?
Lil Baby or Drake

Where is home and what is the scene like?
From the small town of Brunswick GA, not much of a sight seeing spot but a overall decent place of living

How has living life influenced your music?
Having the ability to say your family was able to find a way outta poverty should be able to influence anyone’s music or whatever you choose to do really.

Favorite movie?
I honestly don’t have a favorite movie, I feel like I would identify myself as someone similar to Deadpool or Bart Simpson

Let’s plug that HBKib music!

Find on social:
Instagram: hbk.ib


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The Supreme Team is excited to feature HBKib on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.


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