Interview: Big Money Brucie

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Artist Name: Big Money Brucie
Latest Release: Heart Under Seige

“I work hard every day, I am 17 so it's not easy to help with bills, I make music to let my heart breath, I am going to start releasing higher quality heart felt sonhs”

The track?
This is different than what I usually do, I'm usually an aggressive rapper but I took the slow approach on this song and it's doing great

Dream collaboration?
A close friend of mine who is also a music maler

Where is home and what is the scene like?
I am from a gated community in Ohio, I moved away from there when I was six, I've been to 16 different schools and lived in many different areas, I am now residing in eastern Kentucky, it's more of a country area

How has living life influenced your music?
I grew up in a tough place, I was jumped a lot, I've been homeless many times, I had to fight every day almost, my family has no idea of any of it, I just keep it bottled up

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie well TV show, is sons of anarchy, I feel more like Jax teller, not because of the killing, but because of his hidden emotions

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Phone: 606-417-0671

Interview: Money Brucie/Big Money Brucie

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