Interview: AJ Takaichi

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Artist Name: AJ Takaichi
Latest Release: Yandere – AJ Takaichi, 2-21-2021

“My music is a mix of trap, alt, and gothic Lolita. My song Yandere was based on the game Yandere Simulator and my other songs are personal and deeper. Grave and Dull have more alt vibes while Hide And Seek has gothic lolita/alt vibes”

The track?
Gothic Lolita, rock, indie, alternative. A new genre

Dream collaboration?
Alec Benjamin

Where is home and what is the scene like?
I’m from Washington State and was signed with Seattle talent for awhile, I wasn’t really allowed to go to festivals although I wish that I could’ve.

How has living life influenced your music?
They’ve made it on the darker and deeper side, I prefer that over fake happy songs that aren’t from my heart.

Favorite movie?
My favourite movie is Maze Runner, the graphics and accuracy to the books are immaculate

Let’s plug that AJ Takaichi music!

Find on social:
@wallahbitch – Instagram
@takaichiaj – Soundcloud

Interview: Takaichi/AJ Takaichi

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