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Artist Name: InnovatorsBox Studios

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We are a team of creators, producers, and advocates with a mission to unlock creativity for all. We come together to explore and reflect on the innovator’s journey in order to share how everyone can be and live more creatively each day. This radical approach to music and storytelling permits us to experiment and create more original work that more closely represents diverse innovators’ journeys.

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Hi! I'm Monica. I started InnovatorsBox Studios Music production because I wanted to help empower others how to rethink creativity and joy in life through music. During the daytime, I do culture and leadership development to help build an inclusive creative workplace for all. I hope through our music we inspire how through creative content we could rethink how we live and show up each day to the fullest. We are a team of innovators on a mission and will be producing a diverse range of music from pop, soundtrack, holiday, lo-fi, and more. I hope the music and stories will make you smile!

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Song Title: Happy Coffee

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