How to Promote Your SoundCloud on Social Media

by | Jul 26, 2021 | 31, 56, New Artist Interviews, New Artist Profiles, Rap Artist Interviews

For Release by The Supreme Team:
Promoting to people who are already fans of yours is always going to be easier than recruiting completely new fans. That is why it is essential to start promoting your SoundCloud account across all of your social media accounts. 

  1. Plug your SoundCloud page in a status update on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  2. Link to your SoundCloud page on each social network.
    1. Facebook: Link to your SoundCloud in the “about” section of your profile.
    2. Twitter: Put a link in your bio, or link to it in the “website” section of your profile.
    3. Instagram: Take a screenshot of your page and put a link in your bio.
  3. Follow and interact with other independent artists



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