How many streams can you expect from Spotify playlist placements?

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Artists to Watch

When trying to determine how many streams Spotify playlist placement may generate there are several factors to take into consideration. 

Your position in Spotify Playlist Placements Influences Your Streams

Where your song is in a Spotify playlist placement is very important. The closer to #1, the better. As you get down the list the probability of a listener tuning out gets higher. This rate is different for different types of playlists. A playlist may only hold listeners for the length of a few songs. (Which is under an hour or after 20 songs.) A Reggae list may be on in the background of a smokers house all day. 

If you are added to a list with 100,000 followers, and the followers are 10% active, this will generate around 10,000 active listeners per month. If that list is a workout playlist and your song is below the top 20, the number of streams you get may be further reduced. See how many factors come into play? 

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The duration of your Spotify Playlist Placements affect your streams

The position and duration is determined by the curators, if a curator loves your song they would probably add it higher and you could stay on their list for a long time. Your song might move down the playlists at some point because the curator adds new songs higher than yours on their list. If you are added with 100,000 followers that are 10% are active, the list may generate around 10,000 listeners per month if your song is placed in the #1 position.

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