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Haseeb Javed known as Hizzy, or DJ Hizzy is a 16- years old producer from Toronto. Hizzy made his name as motivation for pushing himself to thrive in music and in life by putting together. He makes different types of beats, mostly hip-hop, rap, and R&B. He also produces beats from his beat tag "Hizzy on the beat", or "Hizzy". His first beats release in May received some positive support that kept him going. He hopefully in the future that He wants to work with artists. He still continues making beats. In 2021 He produced one of his artist tracks called "Starships" by Lil Noisey. In April He drop the collabs EP with artist named Lil Benji called “Bad Vibe” with lead single “Clockwork(freestyle)”. He is currently working on his debut album that is set to drop this summer. He released his latest single “Drill Me(freestyle)” with his frequent artists Lil Benji. In late July He dropped a second single called “Chamelion” with Lil Noisey that follow-up to his first single “Drill Me(freestyle)” with Lil Benji from his upcoming debut album. He then dropped his third final single from his upcoming album called “DIP(freestyle)” with Playboi AK. His debut album called “Sagittarius WRLD” was released on Aug 20 2021. Hizzy, to become a mainstream producer and collaborate with the icons of the rap industry. He wishes to continue to drop more beats. His goal is to show what He is capable of. He still continues working on more beats. He still continues improving on his making fire and catchy beats. Hizzy looks up to producers that inspire him such as Wheezy, Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard.

Tell us who you are:

Im from Toronto. Starship is slow paino beat type rap. With Lil Noi$ey a rapper rap on my beats. It similar beat type to Killy – Distance track. If u listen to this track it will make u feel like good old day and bring back all the fun memories you had.

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Song Title: Starship

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Contact Artist: haseebsjaved@gmail.com

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