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Forging his own way across the Hip-Hop landscape, help is a triple threat as a multi-dimensional musician, director/writer, and artist. His intensity in both speech and song intimidated yet held settings from school cafeterias to sold-out stages captive, following his inflections, clutching to his every word.

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After his father was arrested and charged with drug-related felonies, help and his mother relocated to DFW, where he flourished as a creative and performer.

As he set onto his path as a young man, help established a dedicated fanbase and solid reputation for his work, accumulating over half a million streams across platforms on his debut full-length offering, Never Die.

But he did so as Willo. And his natural inclination for self-inventory and the analysis of shared traits among all people led the artist to realize that, as Willo, his journey could only ever be self-gratifying.

In history, sometimes the embodiment of a specific trait becomes its namesake. Christlike, Machiavellian, Atlas, Victorian, Boycott. Figures so universally impactful to be immortalized in language. When Willo committed to connecting his story, experience and perspectives with others, he asked himself “what does everyone need?”

To strip his message of its vanity and self-promotion, Willo became help. And what help seeks, differently than the man whose place he now permanently stands in, is to be something for everyone, to add something to the fabric of humanity, something they needs. No matter race, no matter class, no matter religion – everyone needs help.

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