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Benjamin Julien Jerome Van Puyenbroeck, alias HARDNSTRANGE, was born in the city of Liège in Belgium on January 26, 2005

Child of Roland Van Puyenbroeck and Virginie Burton, he was born in Liège and lives in Saint Nicolas

From an early age, the boy will already be attracted to music. He will own his CDs himself, as a child, on players and spent his time listening

When Benjamin turns 6, he decides to ask after piano lessons with an individual teacher. His teacher will leave 1 year later without any news, and Ben will continue as an autodidact. He discovers deejaying which will become his main passion, inspired by his idol Mosimann.

2 years later, he became interested in electronics, particularly in synthesizers and music programs. He will use the Music Maker program for a short time and will subsequently be interested in Ableton which will be his final program.

From son to auguilles, the teenager grows up, and globalizes music. He is interested in Pop Music and produces his first single « All My Love » which is released on all streaming platforms with the Amuse.Io label as well as a second and an album.

In 2019, Benjamin changes label and opens his next singles with Distrokid with several electronic musical productions. The same year, he learned singing at the Lyre D’orphée

In 2021, Mr. Van Puyenbroeck opens his label « Hubilianover Record » and releases his most important single « Into The Deep » as well as other sounds under the names of artists, the one Benjamin Van Puyenbroeck who talks about his stories, and the other Hand Wet Feather who expresses his poems. He composes Pop, Electronic and Orchestral music

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

"Build a Bitch" (edited for radio as "Build a Babe") is the debut single by Filipino-American social media personality Bella Poarch, released through Warner Records on May 14, 2021. An accompanying music video was released alongside the single.
HARDNSTRANGE liked this one and decided to remix this hit.

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Song Title: Bella Poarch – Build A Bitch (HARDNSTRANGE Unofficial Remix)

Let’s have a listen to the new HARDNSTRANGE track:

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